The Original Hidden Wiki Guide

Around 2010 and 2011, the original Hidden Wiki first emerged from its shell. It is effectively a “Wikipedia” page or an “onion link directory” for everything and anything that is not on the publicly accessible web! Over the years, it has had to modify its URL multiple times owing to a variety of factors including government pressure and DDoS assaults.

In order to examine and fully explore the Hidden Wiki URL review, let’s first take a quick look at the website.

Security and Safety Tips

The Original Hidden Wiki Guide

Arguably, the “first step” into the deep or dark web is the original Hidden Wiki. You should undoubtedly be aware of the sites as their hidden wiki onion link URLs are often updated. However, to access The Hidden Wiki or any more darknet connections, you must first make sure your security is in order because this is the first step.

Download NordVPN

It’s the first VPN we personally trust for various reasons. It is excellent for the Hidden Wiki url because of its security features and 100% no-logging policy, which guarantees anonymity. The fact that Nord VPN doesn’t provide a free option could be its lone drawback, yet it is still reasonably priced.

Download and Increase TOR Security

Since you can’t access the link to the original hidden wiki through Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, the first step you should take is to download the free Tor Browser. While the Tor network is generally secure, there are steps you can take to further strengthen your Tor browser and enhance your online security:

  • Update your Tor browser frequently. The most recent version of your Tor browser should always be used since updates frequently include security patches and enhancements.
  • You may change a variety of security options in the Tor browser to improve your privacy and security.
  • By selecting “Security Settings” from the menu that appears when you click the Tor button in the browser’s upper-left corner, you may access these settings.
  • The HTTPS Everywhere browser extension forces the use of HTTPS (secure) connections for many websites.
  • When surfing on the Tor network, downloading files can be dangerous.
  • Consider using a different, secure device or virtual system if you have to download a file.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can be sure that using the Tor browser keeps your online activities private and safe.

Disable All Other Programs on the System.

Make sure that you are using the original Hidden Wiki since this is a crucial step in this process. Use just the links to THW that are provided here. There are several THW phishing schemes that route you to fraudulent websites. Don’t use the darknet to purchase or sell any unlawful products or services in the link hidden wiki since that is forbidden.