The Sites on HiddenWiki:  Top 10 Featured Sites

The sites on HiddenWiki have something for everyone. The sites here are outside of the popular search engines and are therefore difficult to find. However, HiddenWiki makes it easy to access many websites. Due to the rapid development of the Internet, many websites have emerged. It is very difficult to control these websites. However, especially websites such as Google and Bing do not include pages that they find risky.  Therefore, it becomes difficult to access these sites. As a result of the development of the Internet, many legal and illegal websites emerge. In order to access these sites, the HiddenWiki system emerged.

HiddenWiki collects websites that cannot be easily found. In this way, you can access the difficult sites you want to access. Of course, there will be many sites that stand out among these sites. These sites will vary as legal and illegal.

What is HiddenWiki?

HiddenWiki first appeared in 2007 and is accessed through the Tor system. However, over time, the website has been renewed and improved. HiddenWiki is accessed with the Tor browser, and it is also common to use a VPN to ensure security. You can download the Tor browser from this address: . It can be used for any system. From here you can find HiddenWiki with DuckDuckGo. Anyone can join HiddenWiki.

You can read more about how to log in to HiddenWiki in our article ( In this way, you can make the most secure login to HiddenWiki. Especially if you log in securely, you can protect your information and your computer. For this reason, you should read the details before logging in. There are also different browsers through which you can access HiddenWiki. I2P, Psiphon, Freegate, Freenet, JAP and Hotspot Shield come to mind, along with Tor. These are the browsers of choice for those who want to learn more about the HiddenWiki websites and those who want to get involved.

What is Included in HiddenWiki?

HiddenWiki includes many sites. The word ‘wiki’ in HiddenWiki’s name refers to this. HiddenWiki takes its name from Wikipedia and, like Wikipedia, makes a lot of information and access possible. Especially in HiddenWiki, you can find sites that have fallen behind and are not recognized. It is possible to see many legal and illegal business areas on these websites. It is your decision which sites you will enter here.

In this way, you can actually gain new experiences or see what is in the depths of the internet. There are many illegal sites here. Frauds can be quite a lot on these sites. For this reason, you need to be careful. It is possible to see many illegal activities such as drugs, gambling, terrorist financing. This is because HiddenWiki is very difficult to monitor from the outside. This allows everyone to be anonymous.

The Sites on HiddenWiki: 10 Web Sites

The sites on HiddenWiki are very popular. These sites change their names or links from time to time, but with HiddenWiki you can access them in any case. You can list them as follows:

1. HackBB

2. Alpha Bay

3. Assasssination Market

4. SecureDrop

5. ProtonMail

6. French Dark Web

7th Onion Forum

8. Dark Market

9. Flogs Dark

10. Black Death Group

Varies and the sites on HiddenWiki are used for different purposes. There are forums and marketplaces where you can access many things. These markets are actually virtual markets where you can see many legal and illegal things. In addition, a website suitable for mail transactions can also be seen and many private mail can be sent from here. The sites on HiddenWiki appeal to a wide range of people with such varieties.