What is The Difference Between Dark Web and The Hidden Wiki?

Hidden Wiki is a door that users can use to explore the internet as they wish. The Hidden Wiki, which offers access for all TOR Project users, is a combination of the Dark Web and the Deep Web. Because Hidden Wiki Dark Web links reflect only some of the useful areas where you can use the Hidden Wiki.

When explaining the difference between Hidden Wiki from the Dark Web, it is necessary to first mention the differences between the Deep Web and the Dark Web. The Deep Web is a concept that covers all TOR links. The Dark Web refers to sites that contain illegal activities that you can access through the TOR Project. Hidden Wiki is a site that can be compared to both the Deep Web and the Dark Web. In fact, the Hidden Wiki is just a link provider.

Why is the Hidden Wiki Part of the Dark Web?

What is The Difference Between Dark Web and The Hidden Wiki?

The Dark Web consists of Hidden Wiki links, financial services, or sites that mediate services that can be purchased. The reason why these sites are called the Dark Web is that these sites make illegal purchases possible. Common features of Dark Web Hidden Wiki links are:

  • Uncensored
  • Enabling illegal activity tracking
  • They are service sites

The Dark Web links that you can access from the Hidden Wiki front page are making it possible for any product or content to be presented to users, even if it may be considered illegal. Because the Hidden Wiki is uncensored.

The Relationship between the Hidden Wiki and the Dark Web

The Hidden Wiki’s connection to the Dark Web is that some of the links, the Hidden Wiki Dark Web links, provided through the site are included in the Dark Web category. The Hidden Wiki is a link provider site, and the Dark Web is a term that covers certain parts of the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to say that the Hidden Wiki is a tangible site and the Dark Web does not point to an epitome site.

Dark Web Hidden Wiki links do not cover the entire list of Hidden Wiki links. From this point of view, you may think that Hidden Wiki content falls under the scope of the Deep Web and that the Deep Web covers the Dark Web. The site links provided by the Hidden Wiki are uncensored. Therefore, it is inevitable that they contain redirects to illegal activities or provide services that may be considered illegal. You can learn how to use TOR Project safely from the link suggestions in the “Introduction Points” section on the Hidden Wiki front page.

As a result, the Hidden Wiki URL adress does not fully reflect the dark side of the Internet. Therefore, the Dark Web Hidden Wiki links are covered by the Dark Web, and the remaining links are covered by the Deep Web.